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World of Gaea Energist Alliance

Seeking All heroes!

Seeking members who are active!

55 Members Strong and Growing

Our Policies

Attacks on Gaea
1 X 1 retal
2 X acceptable.2 retals
3 X not good. 3 retals + alliance involvement
4 X chaining. 4 retals + alliance involvement (total of 8+) and a firm warning against further attacks and lets hope you dont hit back
unprovoked GS = 1 retal + 2 new attacks

Attacks BY us
1 X attack is normal. Please only hit back once
2 X attacks is normal game play as well. We hope you only retal up to two times.
3 X Three attacks is the max in the game, Our players can attack twice, However a third attack must on the same kingdom must be spaced out until you see another person has attacked the kingdom moving your name up a slot on recent attacks, or your own name is no longer on the list of recent attacks. Only then are we allowed to attack a kingdom three times. This gives a said kingdom time to see that we can easily break through their defenses and adjust their defensive power. That is fair game play when it comes to Three attacks.
4 X attacks is NOT permitted. I hope my members only hit you that many times in retaliation for your 4 attacks on them or someone else
GS Count as 1 retal

FARMING currently no farmingpolicy till roti gets popular


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